T10 Sling
T10 Sling
T10 Sling
T10 Sling
T10 Sling
T10 Sling
T10 Sling

T10 Sling

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The T10 Sling changes the way warfighters think about rifle slings.

The patented steel slider provides much needed confidence over plastic hardware. The modular and adjustable length pull-tab allows operators to quickly change pull tab cable length* depending on their geographical environment e.g., a hot desert, cold weather, and waterborne operations. Finally, the patent pending slide stop ensures the slider comes to a complete stop and never wraps around the attachment point on the rail system.

We believe this is one of the strongest and most versatile slings on the market.


  • Patented CNC machined steel slider
  • Nitride coating
  • 1” MIL-W-4088K Type XXV Class 1A W27265E resin-treated webbing
  • *GORE TENARA 92 Black M1000 Thread
  • Simple, streamlined design with integrated slide stop
  • Two box stitches anchor the steel slider 
  • Two heavy-duty metal mil-spec triglides
  • Custom-made pull tab
  • 6" pull-tab cable included
  • Made in the United States


*GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, and acid rain, and is ideal for outdoor applications.

 *Sling comes standard with a 6-inch cable. 5-inch and 7-inch cables sold separately.

QD attachments and two-to-one converter not included.

Bulk orders for military and law enforcement are available including a 316 stainless steel slider with a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) or Cerakote Elite finish. 

Contact warriors@techtentactical.com for additional information.